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Why did I start this blog? Really WHY?

I launched this Blog with one objective - to provide unique insights and practical advice for using the power of personal branding to achieve your goals. It’s dedicated to those who want to be wildly successful by maximizing what makes them unique, relevant and compelling.

To ensure this Blog provides many points of view, I invited the Preferred Reach-Certified Personal Branding Strategists to contribute their wisdom with you as well. I encourage you to be part of the personal branding conversation.

You Can’t Fake Real Seven Ways to Be Yourself in the Critical First Seven Seconds

When a person first meets you, it takes seven seconds for them to determine whether they are going to like you or not, whether they want to work with you or not, or whether they want to be your friend or not. We are wired in our prehistoric brains to decide whether another person is actually a friend or a foe. So if you are trying to make a good first impression, why not present yourself as the best version of yourself? Here are my seven tips for those critical first seven seconds:

Haunted The ghosts and spirits of the everyday

It started at a kissaten in Yurakucho; an old coffeeshop with a long wooden counter and stools of faded red leather. Along the wall behind the counter were a collection of vintage cups and matching saucers, like a little ceramic art gallery.

The vintage speakers crackled with the Miles Davis Quintet. Outside, a lazy wind blew the last remains of autumn along an empty street. In the warmth of that kissaten, I watched an old man brew coffee behind the counter. The act felt like a ritual; one he knew well.

He poured the coffee into a cup and placed it before me. Afterward, he leaned back, lit a cigarette, and stared out the window, letting his thoughts drift to somewhere just out of reach.

That coffee had something of a floral aroma to it. The flavor made me think of lemons. It was like no cup of coffee I had ever tasted.

When I asked the old man about the blend, he said the exact mix was a secret, but the recipe had remained unchanged since the day his wife had found it.